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Highlights Dimensional Color

Highlights Dimensional Color

Going for Highlights Dimensional Color, but you don’t know which one you want?  There are a couple different choices:

Basic Foil Highlights – Foils are placed up to the root and depending on the amount of foils and placement will give a different appearance.  When it grows out, you normally will see a line where it has grown out which is called a demarcation line.

Balayage/Hair Painting – Gives more of a natural look similar to a sun kissed look.  This technique can be more precise and creative depending on the technique.  You won’t need to get touched up as much with balayage.

Lowlighting – Darker shades are added to the hair to give more contrast and dimension.  This gives the hair a thicker appearance.

No matter if you are looking for a platinum blonde, dark brown or black hi lighted look, multi-tonal highlights and lowlights can be achieved to give a more natural look.  Sometimes the hardest decision is determining the tonal result of the highlights.  Tonal refers to a cool or warm tone in the highlights.  Cool tones are normal harder to achieve since you have to lift your hair to a level 9 or 10 leaving a yellow undertone and then have to tone your hair to combat the yellow/warm tone.

Keep in mind to lift ones’ hair to the desired level of a 9 or 10, your hair must be able to withstand the damage involved in lifting/removing/decolorizing your hair.  Sometimes this procedure can not be done in one service and must be done over a series of services.  A thorough consultation should be done prior to deciding what your expectations are.

examples of warm/cool hair

Example Foil Hi-Lights when growing out:  You can see the line of demarcation.

Highlights Dimensional Colormahoganybeforandafter

Balayage/Hair Painting:

Highlights Dimensional Color Highlights Dimensional Color


Low lighting:

Low Lighting is done to blend roots, make hair look thicker, and to add dimension:

Highlights Dimensional Color Highlights Dimensional Color

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