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Color Correction

Color Correction

Color Correction is any color service that involves changing the level (how light or dark) of your hair. This process can be as simple as lifting/depositing one level. On the other hand, this process can be a difficult as going from a black to a level platinum  blonde. Regardless of it being simple or difficult, in order for your hair to look and be at its best, a consultation should be scheduled before you actual appointment(s). And a corrective service should be done over the course of a few appointments. And can take a minimum of a few hours or several appointments to achieve the desired color.

A consultation is a meeting you schedule with your stylist to discuss what your desired product is. At this consultation no color is applied instead the stylist gets to know you and together decide how often you appointments will be. At the consultation the stylist might be able to give you an estimated price on how much the color correction will cost. Keep in mind that this price is just an estimate and can change based on how your hair reacts to the color processes. Make sure to be prepared for your consultation and bring anything you might need and keep the following link in mind. How To Prepare For Your Hair Consultation.

Just as a regular service the prices of a color correction can vary depending on your hair. The price can be based on a lot of factors including but is not limited to the following:

~ thickness

~ hair length

~ natural hair color

~ desired haircolor

~ how you hair reacts to the color

~ how many service appointments it takes

~ what underlying hair color is exposed after a lifting process

For someone who has short, fine, and high porosity (takes color effortlessly) hair the minimum cost would be $90. For someone who has thick, long, and low porosity (take color difficulty) hair the cost will be more.