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Booth Renting In Pennsylvania

Is Booth Renting Illegal or Legal?  It took me since 1999 to figure a way to give cosmetologist the opportunity to booth rent even though it is illegal in the cosmetology rules and regulations.  Please find below the code regarding booth renting being illegal under the following codes:

Booth Renting is Permitted and Allowed under the Barbering Licensure.  Therefore, I attended the 1250 clock hours to become a barber and change from a salon to a barber shop to abide by the rules and regulations under the codes and licensing with the state board of barbering.  Pennsylvania and New Jersey are two states that do not combine the sames rules and regulations and it is frustrating for both salon owners and cosmetologist wanting to have the flexibility of being their own boss and not splitting commissions and/or having flexible hours.
There are many pros to renting a booth; however, it still takes a self-motivated individual who has the ability to work on building and maintaining a clientele.  If you would like any more information, please call me at (717)561-2099.


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